Working at Home during the COVID Crisis

A compilation of one page documents that overview key principles for becoming remote

Remote Worker Comfort Checklist

Setting up an effective remote workspace keeps you productive outside the office. Here are five tips on how to get started.

Designate a Desk

A fixed workstation is an essential part of any good remote workspace.

Work in comfort

An ergonomic office chair helps you focus on work.

Set up for success

Studies show using two screens increases productivity by 42%.( Source: 2017 Monitor Study, Jon Peddie Research). Should you set up a 2nd Monitor?

Find your Focus

Noise cancellation helps block out distractions. Closed door or window, Headphones, ‘Focus’ music playing in background. Scheduled breaks.

Bring the office home

Keep office supplies on hand so you're always ready.

Remote Work Tech tips

As work moves online for at least the next few months at least, we are all sharing information about how to move fully online. The following is a compilation of (mostly) one page documents that overview key principles for becoming remote, and how to do so comfortably.
These documents have been developed from Ella Foster-Molina’s experience of teaching online.
This list will be updated as we all adapt to remote working and its new needs.

Setting up the Digital Workspace: Basics

Technology Requirements for Synchronous Digital Classrooms and Office Hours
Maximizing Connection Speeds in Synchronous Video Interactions
Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems
Setting Up Permanent Zoom Links

Handy tips for Zoom Operation

Setting “Away from Computer” Messages in Zoom
Running a Large Meeting in Zoom
These tips are designed for meetings with 50-200 people, multiple speakers, and audience participation.

Responsible Remote access to personal computers

Responsible Remote Access with Remote Control
Primarily for situations with high oversight and trust, such as teaching, work, and very close personal relationships.

Responsible Remote Access without Remote Control
For general social situations.

Office Hours/Help Sessions with 2+ Leaders and Secondary Communication Platform
For Zoom sessions where session leaders use a secondary chat platform to communicate between breakout rooms.

Office Hours/Help Sessions with 2+ Leaders and Secondary Devices
For Zoom sessions where all session leaders are able to connect with a secondary device to communicate with other session leaders.

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