Use your own operating system and move all of your shared data to the cloud.

Our hands-on service will safely migrate these files to your private cloud.

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SureMail™ O365
  • Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive storage
  • Unlimited storage
SureMail™ O365+ Apps
  • Same features as O365 Essentials
  • Desktop Microsoft Office suite
  • (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • Business-grade file sync and sharing
  • Admin Dashboard - all data, devices and users
  • 256-bit encryption plus HIPAA & PCI compliance


Workflow ROI
  • Reduce Enterprise Risk
  • Eliminate $3000 in Chronic Costs per Person a Year
  • Eliminate Surprise & Catastrophic Costs
Elastic Computes
  • We Unbox your IT by offering unlimited computing power whenever you need it!
Total User Support
  • Unlimited 24x7 HelpDesk for all your SureOffice Solutions
  • Only $32.50 per quarter hour for support of your on premises equipment whenever needed


Available Features MSO365
Business Premium
Plans starting at: $9 $12 $15
Hosted/Backed Up Cloud Storage w/ optimal geographic redundancy
Active Directory permissioning
SureOffice Total User Support
Full MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
Unlimited MS Exchange Mailbox
1TB OneDrive Storage
Unlimited company data storage  
Admin Dashboard to manage all Data, Devices, Users' Management Dashboard
Enterprise Multi-Platform file sync & sharing
256-bit encryption & HIPAA compliance

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