Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, world-renowned institutions and numerous local businesses and organizations. Here's what a cross section of them have to say about us.

We appreciate everything you did to keep us on track during our short notice office move. You played a major roll in making sure our business stayed on track and that we could quickly get to work in our new space!

Grace R. – Book Publisher, NY

Everything seems to be working great with our new network, your team has been amazing on this project and they made the switch with no disruption at all to our business. That is extremely important to me and I thank you for that.

Brett P. – Specialty Auto Shop, NJ

Suretech has really been great. I can’t thank you enough! My wife is Jill B. and her company also went with Suretech and she says you guys are wonderful too. I appreciate all David McKinnis has done for us in the past (and future -- as long as blueberries are provided!) but I wanted to thank you all for a great experience with our new website and email migration. I just need to figure out what happened to my email signature! Suretech rocks and rolls!

David B. – Non-Profit conservation organization, CT

It’s been a great pleasure working with you this year on our website. We’ve gotten so many compliments about the site, and we’re so happy to have such a great web partner.

Anthony C. – Premium NYC Chocolate Company

My users all enjoy working with SureTech.com because they are real people - they laugh, they joke, AND the fix our problems. Not only do they hire people who are knowledgeable and experts in their field, but they also make sure that they hire people with character and personality - and that makes all the difference.

L.S. – Director, Indianapolis Manufacturing Company

SureTech.com has a friendly, smart, talented staff who are responsive to our needs and have provided us with dependable service since 2003. They understand our business and the right technology to help our business grow as well as reduce our costs.

April G. – CEO, International Executive Search Firm

Our company is growing and has diverse IT needs. We can neither afford nor keep busy a full time IT staff who could address the varied issues that arise, so Suretech.com has been a great solution for us. We now have access to the right expertise when we need it for as much time as we need it. With a limited budget, we need to stay focused on our business, not the infrastructure that allows it to function. Suretech’s flexibility, competence, and responsiveness have allowed us to minimize the resources we put into addressing our technology needs.

B.C. – CFO, Leading Consumer Manufacturing Company

SureTech saved our firm when our previous cloud provider had a datacenter failure. They completely migrated all our software and restored partially damaged critical data for our company and also helped us more effectively coordinate our remote operations groups. The SureDesk solution performs better and more consistently than our previous provider’s Citrix desktops and the SureTech team is efficient, committed and a perfect fit for our needs.

Jake D. – MD, NYC Private Equity firm

SureTech.com has saved me thousands of dollars a month in computer expenses. Not only that, but since I switched to them my data is more secure, I have better tools and their service is more responsive, all at a lower cost - I couldn't be more pleased.

Jonathan J. – CEO, NYC Executive Search Firm

My SureDesk™ keeps my business up and running. I had a computer failure at 1 pm and by 3 pm that employee was back up and working on a new machine. My employee was even able to work from another workstation with minimal interruption while we went out to purchase a new machine. They logged on to their SureDesk™ and the document they had been working on when their physical computer crashed was just where they left it. The total cost to me to get them set up again was just $150 for a new CPU.

Gary E. – President, NYC Accounting Firm

SureTech.com has me on cloud nine. Thanks to the SureDesk™, When my partner and I are on business trips it is just like having the whole office with us.

David C. – Principal, Architectural Firm

SureTech.com provided invaluable guidance and technical support for the launch of our on-line shopping cart.

Fred P. – Co-Founder and CEO, Gourmet Chocolate Company

The reliable staff provides us the specialty and overflow support we need to ensure our operation can run smoothly. Their hosted services save us time so we can better support our users.

Mary D. – Director of Technology, Princeton Private School

SureTech.com has consistently exceeded our expectations with their immediate response, unusually considerate care and attention, and user-friendly pricing in addressing all of our IT requirements.

Porter B. – Managing Partner, NYC Media Firm

The knowledgeable staff and quick response time are an invaluable service to our company.

Bill H. – President, Credit Card Processor Firm

The helpful staff is calm and efficient and uses their time well. I started using SureTech.com in an emergency situation and all issues were happily resolved and I was back to work right away! Hooray. I join the long list of true believers!

Sybill H. - Owner, Photography Studio

SureTech.com is always immediately responsive to our needs with proactive advice.

Betsy C. – CFO, Consumer Products Manufacturing Company

Coming from running IT for a several billion dollar Greenwich based hedge fund to building a successful international advisory firm in NYC, I have been impressed at the depth and breadth of SureTech solutions for our relatively much smaller firm. We almost never have to worry or even think about IT anymore. Their hosted Desktops are key for my business and traveling teams.

Blake R. – President, NYC Hedge Fund Services company

We needed a platform to help us provide web presence to our over 100 member groups. SureTech.com provided us an impressive platform to enable multiple-group contributions and integrated newsletter functionality. Their platform, as well as the great customer service, gave us just the right guidance we needed to create an inviting site to promote our initiatives.

Johnny S. – Program Manager, New Haven Non Profit

You have no idea how smoothly my computer runs now after you fixed it and your Anti Virus runs beautifully and the system doesn’t crash anymore even though the laptop is pretty old by now.

Rosa B. – Associate, NYC Law Firm

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