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SureApp™ QuickBooks
  • Ubiquitous cloud access to the QuickBooks application and your data
  • Fully secure and fully backed up
  • Numerous versions available
SureApp™ Illustrator
  • Adobe Illustrator access from any web-attached computer
  • Fully secure and fully backed up
  • Enough compute power for all your Illustrations
SureApp™ Great Plains
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Fully secure and fully backed up
  • Simple web access to your accounting data and software


Workflow ROI
  • Reduce Enterprise Risk
  • Eliminate $3000 in Chronic Costs per Person a Year
  • Eliminate Surprise & Catastrophic Costs
Elastic Computes
  • We Unbox your IT by offering unlimited computing power whenever you need it!
Total User Support
  • Unlimited 24x7 HelpDesk for all your SureOffice Solutions
  • Only $32.50 per quarter hour for support of your on premises equipment whenever needed


  • >700Mbs+ internet connectivity
  • State of the Art Citrix HDX controls with High Performance Video
  • Hosted/Backed up cloud storage
  • 3-way 500 mile geographic redundancy

  • Unlimited Apps
  • Productivity Suite (Evernote, Chrome/FireFox, Snipping Tool, LastPass, PDF Writer, Acrobat Reader)
  • Custom Windows Business Apps on Request
  • 3 Concurrent Apps
  • Active Directory permissioning
  • Windows PC streamed within any HTML 5 browser
  • Optimal MultiPlatform Receiver App for Mac/Windows/Mobile
  • SureDesk™ integrated VSS 60 Versions
  • Optimal Shared Printing & Scanning
  • 5GB SureFiles™

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