The ultimate Virtual Desktop solution.

Optimal security, performance and flexibility with lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Complete protection from hardware, maintenance and environmental risks.

Always up to date access to your applications, files and private cloud Operating System.

Get I.T. Always Everywhere

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SureDesk™ Basic
  • Free Productivity Apps included
  • Single Business App (ie QuickBooks) optimized
  • Built exclusively on Citrix Xen in the Amazon Cloud
SureDesk™ Pro
  • Citrix Video & Performance Acceleration
  • SureFiles™ Anywhere Available
  • Unlimited On-Demand Compute Power
  • Bespoke Sharing and Security Polices

  • Includes all basic features
SureDesk™ Custom
  • Bespoke Client/Server and SQL containers
  • Bespoke compliance and audit architectures
  • Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud

  • Includes all Pro features


Workflow ROI
  • Reduce Enterprise Risk
  • Eliminate $3000 in Chronic Costs per Person a Year
  • Eliminate Surprise & Catastrophic Costs
Elastic Computes
  • We Unbox your IT by offering unlimited computing power whenever you need it!
Total User Support
  • Unlimited 24x7 HelpDesk for all your SureOffice Solutions
  • Only $32.50 per quarter hour for support of your on premises equipment whenever needed


Available Features SureDesk™
Plans starting at: $52 $67 $99
Hosted/Backed Up Cloud Storage w/ optimal geographic redundancy
Active Directory permissioning
SureOffice Total User Support
Full MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
Unlimited MS Exchange Mailbox
1TB OneDrive Storage
Unlimited company data storage      
Enterprise Multi-Platform file sync & sharing
700Mbps+ internet connectivity included
256-bit encryption & HIPAA compliance
Maximize extended hardware ROI
Productivity Suite (Evernote, Acrobat, Chrome, etc.)
Optimal MultiPlatform access
Optimal Shared Printing & Scanning
State of the Art Citrix HDX controls w/High Performance Video
Persistent customizable O.S.
Install your own apps
Includes 50GB of SureFiles

Available add-on.

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